Airbrush Wedding Makeup Gold Coast

Have you ever wondered why celebrity brides always seem to look glamorous from start to end? Their makeup stays flawless – even after they’ve spent hours greeting people, exchanging vows with their loved one and shedding a tear or two. Well it’s not because they’re superhuman – but because their makeup has been airbrushed on. Airbrush […] Read more »

Gold Coast Make up|Kate Middletons Bridal Look

A question I get asked all the time is ‘how can I achieve the Kate Middleton bridal look?’ Don’t we all wish we could naturally wake up looking like Kate Middleton? I certainly do! But with a bit of time in the morning, you too can have the look that everyone wishes for! For the perfect […] Read more »

Make up artist Gold Coast|Planning your Wedding Makeup

There’s one thing I’ll never quite understand and can be quite frustrating at times. I often receive wedding makeup enquiries and it’s a big part of my freelance makeup business. I just love doing weddings, I’d probably even do them for free if I didn’t have to worry about making a living! My favourite part is seeing the bride […] Read more »