Gold Coast’s Best Wedding Vendors | Makeup | Hair | Photography | Florists |Party Supplies

makeupartistgoldcoastGold Coast weddings can be lots of fun; I really think we have some of the best wedding vendors in the business! I have carefully hand picked a list of my favourite wedding vendors. I know wedding planning can be very difficult, especially if you are not from the Gold Coast. I hope my list makes your wedding planning a little easier.

Makeup Artist & Spray Tanning:

Melanie Jane Makeup Artist 


Kylie Maree Photography
Van Middleton
Joseph Willis Photography
The Itchy Eyes


Playback Studios


Amy Louise Hair
Aleesha Darke
David Dibley


Elyssium Blooms
White Ivy Design

Party Supplies/Styling:

Autumn Grove Events
The Collector & Co.

Skin Clinics:
-Anti ageing, skincare, microdermabrasion etc.

The Layt Clinic
Rejuven8 Cosmetix

Eyebrow Shaping:

Perfect brows by Reena Mehta 

Bridal & Bridesmaids dresses:

The Babushka Ballerina




Gold Coast Makeup Artist |Nicole & Sam Married In Brisbane

Nicole & Sam were married in March this year, they shared a romantic ‘first look’ with each other. A first look is a moment staged with the photographer, bride and groom before the ceremony commences. Artography was the chosen photographer who captured this magical moment. These photos are incredibly sweet and capture the love Nicole & Sam have for each other.

Makeup & Spray Tanning: Melanie Jane Makeup Artist
Photography: Artography
Hotel: Stamford Plaza Brisbane



Main Beach Makeup Artist | Jade & Paul Married

Jade & Paul were married in February this year on the Gold Coast, Benjamin Hurst was the chosen photographer, he captured all the right moments.
The bridesmaids were all dressed in blue, a perfect colour choice for summer on the Gold Coast!

Makeup: Melanie Jane Makeup Artist & Tanning

Photography: Benjamin Hurst Photography

gold coast makeup artist
gold coast makeup artist
gold coast makeup artist
gold coast makeup artist
gold coast makeup artist
gold coast makeup artist
gold coast makeup artist
gold coast makeup artist
gold coast makeup artist
gold coast makeup artist

Gold Coast Makeup Artist | How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

goldcoastmakeupartistbrushesWashing your makeup brushes is very important. Each time brushes are used, old makeup, bacteria and germs are spread if they are not clean. If you apply your makeup everyday, make sure you wash your brushes at least twice weekly. Ensure cleaning your makeup brushes is a regular part of your beauty routine. The use of dirty brushes is the common cause of breakouts and clogged pores.
I personally make a habit of washing my brushes with an anti bacterial soap or baby shampoo and also clean them after each use with a quick dry brush cleaner.





How to clean makeup brushes with soap/shampoo:

1. Run the bristles under warm water, being careful not to get the metal clasp of the handle wet – otherwise, overtime this will break away the glue that holds the bristles together. The best way to avoid the problem, is to angle the brush downwards into the stream of water.
2. Lather the bristles with baby shampoo or anti bacterial soap.
3. Rinse the bristles until the water runs clear and free of any soap or residue.
4. Squeeze out excess water from the bristles and push brush hairs back into their natural shape.
5. Lay brushes flat to dry – I prefer to leave the brushes over the edge of a bench, as air will flow through the bristles, drying them faster and more evenly.

How to clean makeup brushes with brush cleaner:

1. Brush cleaner is mainly made up of pure alcohol and hence this will clean, disinfect and condition the bristles ensuring your brushes last longer.
2. Pour a small amount of brush cleaner into a tissue or paper towel.
3. Wipe both sides of your brush continuously in the cleanser until clean; make sure that you keep the brush bristles in their natural shape. Do not use fast circular motions, as this will cause the brush bristles to lose shape.
4. Your brushes are now ready for use.

Gatsby Inspired Makeup- Dark Eyes, Dark Lips

This season go dark with your lipstick! Nothing says ‘I’m confident’ more than a bold stamp of colour on the lips. This lip colour is a lip pencil called ‘Nightmoth’ by MAC Cosmetics. You can use the pencil as a lip liner or fill in your lips completely and wear it as a lipstick.


Products used:

Foundation: Chanel Vitalumiere
Concealer: MAC Mineralize Concealer
Powder: MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural
Contour: MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural – Medium Dark
Blush: MAC Warm Soul

Base: MAC Mooncake Paint Pot
Eyes: Naked 2 Palette: Verve, Busted, Blackout
Eyeliner: MAC Black Track, Feline
Mascara: MAC Dazzlelash
Eyelashes: Modelrock lashes #229

Lipliner – Nightmoth used as a lipstick

Formal Makeup Ideas… Nude Eyes + Pink Lips!

This look can be worn for any occasion whether it be a school formal, 21st birthday or a day at the races!

If you are worried about what kind of look you want I would suggest booking in for a makeup trial. We can work with your skin tone and find colours that suit you.



Products used:

Foundation: MAC Studio Sculpt
Concealer: Mac Mineralize Concealer
Powder: NARS Pressed Powder
Contour: MAC Refined Golden
Highlight: MAC Silver Dusk

Base: Painterly
Eyeshadow: Naked 3 Palette: Bootycall, Tease
Eyeliner: MAC Duck
Mascara: MAC Dazzlelash

Lip liner: Hip ‘n’ Happy
Lipstick: St Germain

The secrets to my makeup kit revealed..(it involves New York!!!)

My kit is unlike any makeup artist on the Gold Coast. I am always on the hunt for the latest products and religiously follow the latest beauty trends from around the world.

I go overseas twice per year and bring back all of the latest professional products from the UK, Europe and America. I even have a US shipping address that allows me to buy products that aren’t for sale in Australia yet!


Here I am stocking my kit at the MAC Pro store (not available to the public) in New York


I am a self-proclaimed makeup addict and my kit is a reflection of this. A standard makeup kit contains 15 shadows, 15 foundations and 10 lip colours. My kit contains 120 eyeshadows, 70 foundations (including various finishes e.g. matte, dewy etc) and 124 lip colours!


What does this mean for you?

This means that you can show me any lip colour from a photo or magazine and I will be able to match it. I can recreate any look so please feel free to bring photos to your appointment and we can bring your vision to life.


Kit Hygiene

A well-stocked kit is nothing without hygiene. Kit hygiene is something I take very seriously, I take pride in knowing that my makeup kit is of the highest sanitary standards. After each job I use brush cleaner & antibacterial soap to wash every brush individually as well as sanitising all lip products and eyeshadows.

Classic Winged Liner + Red Lips

This look is a classic beauty look that can be worn both day and night – winged liner + red lips!



Products used:

Foundation: NARS pure radiant tinted moisturiser
Concealer: Hourglass hidden corrective
Powder: NARS pressed powder
Contour: MAC Refined golden
Highlight: NARS Orgasm illuminator

Base: MAC Rubenesque
Eyeshadow: MAC – Tan pigment & Embark
Liner: MAC Blacktrack
Brow: Anastasia brow pencil medium brown

Liner: MAC Red lip liner
Lipstick: MAC Scartlet Ibis

Gold Glitter Party Eye Makeup Using MAC Cosmetics – before and after photos!

Here is a before and after photo of a special occasion makeup on Kristy, she was attending a glitter themed party! Kristy requested gold glittery eyes; I love doing something a little different and love a bit of sparkle. Traditional makeup was applied with eyelashes.


Products used:

Foundation: MAC Studio Fix Fluid
Powder: MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural
Contour: MAC Refined Golden Bronzer
Blush: NARS Orgasm

Base: MAC Indianwood
Shadows: MAC- Woodwinked, Gold Reflects Pigment, Embark
Liner: MAC Teddy
Mascara: MAC False Lash
Lashes: Modelrock #224

Lip liner: MAC Hip ‘n’ Happy
Lipstick: MAC Snob