Broadbeach Makeup Artit|Do I need to book a Wedding Makeup trial?


The simple answer to this is, yes. There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration to achieve the perfect wedding look. A trial gives you room to move and allows you to experiment with different looks. A wedding makeup trial also helps you to avoid these:

– Flash photography disasters.
Some foundations can look flawless in the flesh but as soon as you’re snapped by a photographer, it can be a completely different story. All foundations and powders reflect light differently. A trial will allow you to take some snaps yourself and make sure your flawless makeup translates to the photos.

– A very obvious makeup line.
When foundation isn’t blended into your décolletage, your face won’t match your body. If you jump right in on your big day without a trial, an inexperienced makeup artist may not have mastered their blending technique.

– Eye makeup which overshadows your eyes.
The colour palette used on your eyelids can make or break your look. Some colours look better on certain eyes than others. For example, an orange based shadow will make blue eyes pop but it won’t do the same for brown eyes. These are the sort of things your makeup artist can discuss with you at the trial.

Melanie Jane Makeup Artist will ensure your makeup looks just as beautiful in person as it does in your photos. Remember, your wedding day only happens once but the photos will last a lifetime!

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