Gold Coast Weddings|Beach Wedding Makeup Essentials!

Each year, thousands of brides flock to the Gold Coast and tie the knot. Our beautiful, sandy beaches create the perfect setting for a chic, beach wedding. But with this natural spot brings many obstacles for makeup artists.


If you’re on the beach in summer, it can be very hot. On the contrary, in winter it can be quite nippy…so a wedding makeup artist on the Gold Coast needs to be equipped with tips and tricks to deal with any weather that nature throws your way.

Now I can’t reveal all of my tricks but I’ll share a few with you today:

1. Wear a primer!
It stuns me when I hear that some makeup artists don’t use primer on their brides. This product is applied before foundation. It improves the look of your foundation but most importantly, increases the longevity of the makeup. This is absolutely essential for a beach wedding as it helps the makeup to withstand different weather conditions.

2. Make sure your mascara is waterproof!
Always wear waterproof mascara, even if you’re not the crying type. A beach wedding exposes you to all of the natural elements. With the wind and sand, it is very likely your eyes will water at some point. So be prepared!

3. Opt for humidity-proof foundation!
A foundation which would be perfect for a church wedding can be an absolute disaster for a beach wedding. You’ll need to consult with your makeup artist to decide which type best suits your location. On the beach, there’ll be humidity in the air and the last thing you want is foundation running off your face.

If you’re having a beach wedding on the Gold Coast, you must follow these vital tips. It will ensure your makeup doesn’t spoil an otherwise perfect day!

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