Kingscliff Make Up Artist|Preparing your skin for your wedding day!

Brides spend hundreds of hours planning their wedding day. There are caterers to book, invitations to send, dresses to buy… and the list goes on! But one thing that should be at the top of every bride’s list but rarely is… is skin care!

If you don’t already have a regular skin care routigoldcoastweddingmakeupartistne, definitely implement one as soon as that engagement ring is hugging your finger. It’s best to start as early as possible, in order for your skin to flush itself out and to avoid having break outs near your big day.

Exfoliated and hydrated skin sets the perfect canvas for a makeup artist to work on. You can really tell the difference between a bride who looked after her skin and one who didn’t. Of course, we all have blemishes that nothing can be done about. But everyone’s skin can always be more hydrated. So drink up ladies!

– Water, water, water. Try to drink at least 3 litres per day. You will start noticing a big difference just after a few weeks.

– Exfoliate. Exfoliate again. This has two positive effects: it gets rid of dead skin as well as increases blood flow.

– Try to decrease your alcohol intake. Alcohol severely dehydrates the skin. Try to drink a glass of water between alcoholic beverages.

– Use hydrating face masks. Get your girlfriends together every few weeks and have a pamper session. You’ll all be pleased with the results.

With a fresh, hydrated face – foundation can go on more smoothly and it will look even more radiant! Your skin will be shining bright and look extremely healthy. Skin is definitely in! Especially during wedding season on the Gold Coast.

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