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There’s one thing I’ll never quite understand and can be quite frustrating at times. I often receive wedding makeup enquiries and it’s a big part of my freelance makeup business. I just love doing weddings, I’d probably even do them for free if I didn’t have to worry about making a living!

My favourite part is seeing the bride see herself in the mirror for the first time, looking glamourous in her beautiful gown. An even better part, is when her mother and bridesmaids see her for the first time. This is when most brides have their ‘bridal moment’. There are tears, champagne and lots of photos! Plus some inevitable makeup touch ups!

The thing that frustrates me..isn’t the lovely brides that book in with me. It’s the bride-to-bes who make an appointment, hold it for months and then cancel when they find another makeup artist who is charging a lower price.

Recently I had a bride cancel as she had found a groupon deal. When I told her that I couldn’t match her groupon ($25 per person for airbrush makeup) she cancelled..3 weeks before the wedding!

Let me get this straight..after spending tens of thousands of dollars on a beautiful gown, lovely ceremony, a reception for the guests that includes a three course dinner plus photographers, videographer etc. The one place you should not be trying to save money on is your makeup!

The makeup is what ties everything together. Everyone looks at the bride as she walks down the aisle, guests take photos, photographers take photos, the videographer is filming you! Why would you put your trust in a makeup artist with little to no experience?

Groupon and similar Facebook pages that pop up every few months are always and I repeat ALWAYS beginner makeup artists. It’s the first thing most new beauty businesses do to try and establish a client base.

Perhaps you could trust them with your makeup for a party or similar event. For your wedding though? Let me help put this in perspective with an analogy. Would you trust a student doctor with your surgery or would you feel better with someone who has experience? Would you trust an apprentice tiler with your home tiling project or would you want to go with someone who can provide you with photos of their work?

Experience is essential in the makeup industry! After attending the most highly regarded beauty college in Australia for 12 months and furthering my skills at a professional makeup and special effects academy, I have then gone on to work with some of the best makeup artists in Australia with MAC cosmetics. As a job requirement, MAC makeup artists are always furthering their study. Every few months we attend high-fashion training courses and are always scrapbooking photos of recent makeup trends in our spare time!

Makeup is what I do, it’s my passion. WIth 6  years experience, I can’t understand why brides choose to save money on makeup over other things. Try to make a cut back somewhere else if necessary, bad makeup can and will ruin your big day.

Imagine spending all of that money on a wedding and not feeling like a princess on your big day…
Imagine staring back at yourself in the mirror and feeling that lump in your throat as you fight back tears…knowing that this wasn’t how you pictured yourself looking.

I’ve had frantic calls from bridesmaids early in the morning, desperately trying to find someone to come and fix their friend’s makeup before the ceremony. My advice to all future brides is to do it properly from the beginning. Do your research and find somebody with experience! Find a makeup artist that can provide you with photos and testimonials of their work.

After all the stress and planning for the big day, you deserve to feel the most beautiful that you’ve ever felt in your life. You’re worth the cost of a professional makeup artist. Wouldn’t you agree?

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