Make-up artist Gold Coast|The 5 most common bridal mistakes

There are many elements which contribute to achieving the perfect bridal look. It is arguably the hardest look for a makeup artist to do. It should be simple enough to bring out the bride’s natural beauty but also should define key areas to avoid being washed out in photographs.

Here are the most common mistakes to avoid:

goldcoastweddingmakeupartist1. Don’t over-apply foundation.
You can achieve full coverage without going overboard. Often, a semi matte finish is the most ideal – this gives a flawless finish without too much shine in photos.

2. Go easy on the concealer.
Only apply a small amount where necessary. Some Concealers have light reflective pigments in it so if you use too much, white patches may show up in photographs.

3. Keep your eye shadow matte on brow line.
Avoid using illuminating shadows on your brow line; these should be kept for closer to the lid. By using a matte shadow up the top, there won’t be too much flare in photos and you won’t look over done.

4. If you’re wearing a veil, don’t wear lipgloss.
Lipgloss can cause havoc if you’ve opted to wear a veil. The veil will stick against your lips, which isn’t a good look! Go for a lipstick and lip pencil instead.

5. Invest in a good lip liner.
At your trial, find out what lip liner your makeup artist will be using and invest in one. Carry it around in your bag or get your bridesmaid to hold onto it. This will prevent feathering or bleeding of the lipstick.

If you’re doing your own makeup, make sure you don’t repeat these common mistakes! And if you’ve chosen to trust the professionals, you now have a bit of knowledge to ensure you have chosen a qualified artist.

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