What colour lipstick should I wear on my Wedding Day?

Whether you choose to rock a red lip on your big day or go for a subtle peach or pink colour – you must feel completely comfortable in it. Lipstick plays a huge part in the bridal look. It ties all of the facial features together nicely, if it’s done properly.


Many brides grapple with the decision of lipstick colour. It can be very tricky to choose, especially if you are new to wearing lipstick. Melanie Jane sits down with each bride-to-be at their makeup trial and assesses skin tone and features in order to choose the perfect colour.

But if you’re doing your makeup yourself or asking a friend to do it, here are some simple tips to keep in mind when choosing a lipstick:

1. Know what colour flowers will be in your bouquet:
It always looks lovely in photographs if the colour palette on the bride’s face matches that of the bouquet and bridesmaids dresses. Bring in some photos to show the makeup artist!

2. Know your skin tone!
A red lip can look bold and beautiful on some brides. But on others, it can wash them out and overpower their other features.

3. When in doubt, go for a pink shade.
If you’re unsure of what will suit your skin, a bride can never go wrong with a light pink lip. It is feminine and can complement most eye shadows. Team it with a lip liner and long lashes – perfection!

4. Make sure it will moisturise your lips.
Ask your makeup artist about the moisturising ingredients in the lipstick. If it doesn’t contain many, definitely take a lip balm in your purse to keep your lips hydrated throughout the evening.

5. Make sure it has longevity.
As the bride, there’ll be lots of talking, kissing and smiling throughout the day. So make sure your lipstick will last. Take it in your purse in order to touch up. Also, use a lip liner to increase its durability.

You’ll find many variations of bridal lip colours at Gold Coast weddings. From nude all the way to red, and every shade in between. At the end of the day, you can wear any lip colour to complement your wedding makeup – as long as you’re confident in it!

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