The secrets to my makeup kit revealed..(it involves New York!!!)

My kit is unlike any makeup artist on the Gold Coast. I am always on the hunt for the latest products and religiously follow the latest beauty trends from around the world.

I go overseas twice per year and bring back all of the latest professional products from the UK, Europe and America. I even have a US shipping address that allows me to buy products that aren’t for sale in Australia yet!


Here I am stocking my kit at the MAC Pro store (not available to the public) in New York


I am a self-proclaimed makeup addict and my kit is a reflection of this. A standard makeup kit contains 15 shadows, 15 foundations and 10 lip colours. My kit contains 120 eyeshadows, 70 foundations (including various finishes e.g. matte, dewy etc) and 124 lip colours!


What does this mean for you?

This means that you can show me any lip colour from a photo or magazine and I will be able to match it. I can recreate any look so please feel free to bring photos to your appointment and we can bring your vision to life.


Kit Hygiene

A well-stocked kit is nothing without hygiene. Kit hygiene is something I take very seriously, I take pride in knowing that my makeup kit is of the highest sanitary standards. After each job I use brush cleaner & antibacterial soap to wash every brush individually as well as sanitising all lip products and eyeshadows.

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