Wedding Makeup for the Gold Coast climate!

Summer is finally here and your wedding day is fast approaching! Here are a few simple tips to make sure your makeup will last in our hot, humid climate.

– Use products that are oil free; primers, moisturizers and foundations
– Invest in a blotting powder that you can use during the day for touch ups- a blotting powder will remove oil from the surface of the skin without changing the colour of the foundation.
– Drink plenty of water – stay hydrated throughout the day!
– Make sure the room that you are getting ready in has airconditioning or air flow from outside- we want you to feel comfortable while getting ready, not hot or sticky!
– Waterproof mascara- no panda eyes!
– Use a lipstick/lipgloss that has a moisturizing/hydrating effect, look for lip products that contain shea butter!


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