Gold Coast Makeup Artist | How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

goldcoastmakeupartistbrushesWashing your makeup brushes is very important. Each time brushes are used, old makeup, bacteria and germs are spread if they are not clean. If you apply your makeup everyday, make sure you wash your brushes at least twice weekly. Ensure cleaning your makeup brushes is a regular part of your beauty routine. The use of dirty brushes is the common cause of breakouts and clogged pores.
I personally make a habit of washing my brushes with an anti bacterial soap or baby shampoo and also clean them after each use with a quick dry brush cleaner.





How to clean makeup brushes with soap/shampoo:

1. Run the bristles under warm water, being careful not to get the metal clasp of the handle wet – otherwise, overtime this will break away the glue that holds the bristles together. The best way to avoid the problem, is to angle the brush downwards into the stream of water.
2. Lather the bristles with baby shampoo or anti bacterial soap.
3. Rinse the bristles until the water runs clear and free of any soap or residue.
4. Squeeze out excess water from the bristles and push brush hairs back into their natural shape.
5. Lay brushes flat to dry – I prefer to leave the brushes over the edge of a bench, as air will flow through the bristles, drying them faster and more evenly.

How to clean makeup brushes with brush cleaner:

1. Brush cleaner is mainly made up of pure alcohol and hence this will clean, disinfect and condition the bristles ensuring your brushes last longer.
2. Pour a small amount of brush cleaner into a tissue or paper towel.
3. Wipe both sides of your brush continuously in the cleanser until clean; make sure that you keep the brush bristles in their natural shape. Do not use fast circular motions, as this will cause the brush bristles to lose shape.
4. Your brushes are now ready for use.

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