The Kardashian’s Makeup Secrets Revealed!

hopeislandmakeupHave you ever wondered how the Kardashian sisters always look so perfect? They all seem to have perfectly shaped faces! Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s genetics….their secret brings us back to makeup school basics; contouring and highlighting.

You can use everyday makeup to change your face shape and give your face the always desired oval like appearance. Continue reading to find out exactly how you can get the ‘Kardashian look’.

To achieve the look, you’re going to need two products;

1. Contouring powder /cream- two tones darker than your skin tone (preferably matte). I prefer using a bronzing powder over a cream as I find it easier to blend.

2. Highlighting powder/cream- This is a powder or cream that is lighter than your skin tone. It can be matte or have a shimmer, I like using one with a shimmer as it gives a radiant and youthful glow.

Apply foundation and powder to your face as a base, this will make your face a blank canvas – ready to add definition.

As a general rule, the use of highlighting brings foreword and contouring pushes back.

Highlighting goes on the high planes of the face;

– On top of cheekbones
– Down bridge of nose
– Above cupids bow (this will also make your lips appear fuller)
– Brow bone

Contouring goes in areas that shadows would fall on if you were in the sun or standing under a light;

– Cheekbones
– Crease of eyelid
– Temple

Contouring can also push back areas that you want to hide. Eg. If you have a large forehead you can apply your contouring powder around the hairline, this will give the appearance of a smaller forehead.

Here are a few of my favourite contouring and highlighting products!


1. M.A.C Mineralize Skinfinish natural
2. Nars Laguna bronzer


1. M.A.C Silver dusk
2. Nars ‘Orgasm’ cream highlighter

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