Airbrush Wedding Makeup Gold Coast

Have you ever wondered why celebrity brides always seem to look glamorous from start to end? Their makeup stays flawless – even after they’ve spent hours greeting people, exchanging vows with their loved one and shedding a tear or two. Well it’s not because they’re superhuman – but because their makeup has been airbrushed on.

Airbrush makeup has been around for years, the technique was first used in the film industry in 1925. But it’s only recently been embraced for personal use. The airbrush machine sprays out a fine mist of foundation, giving your skin an even porcelain finish. The formula used minimises skin imperfections while still looking natural.

If you choose airbrush makeup over traditional makeup on your wedding day, your foundation will last longer. It is also more resistant to water than traditional makeup, which is perfect for the Gold Coast’s hot climate – and your tears will no longer be a problem.

Your skin will feel lightweight and look flawlessly natural.

What more could you want on your big day?

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